Movember TwentyTen

Don’t be a poser. Don’t just get with the in crowd and grow a mo’ cos you can. Grow it for the cause. Grow it to raise money.

Those be fighting words from Radio Sport’s D’Arcy Waldegrave (or words to that effect).

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken that to heart and when I saw that Al Ronberg had signed up on the website, I figured that an easy way to “do it right” would be to sign up as well.
You can check my progress, or sign up yourself, at


Writing Worship

Having never written a successful worship song, maybe reading this post may be detrimental to your future in writing worshipful songs. And maybe this may turn out to be “How Not to Write a Worship Song”. But I believe that any song, if sung to God from the heart, can be just as good as any successful mainstream worship song.

These are just a few pointers I would suggest to get you started:

  • 1. Pick your message – Is there something you want to say? If there is, have a think about wether this is a personal worship song that you can sing, or if it is going to be a song that others can sing in a congregation.
  • 2. Focus on God – Try and steer away from focussing on yourself, the things you do, and the things you think. Make your words focus on God’s awesome power and splendor. People haven’t come to sing about themselves, and they will get a much more vibrant response from God if they sing about Him.
  • 3. Use scripture – There is always going to be a concern when you get in to serious worship song writing when it comes to theology. Is what I’m saying right? Is what I’m saying in accordance with God’s will? Well – one way to make sure that it is is to take lyrics from scripture. What’s more… not copyrighted!
  • 4. Get influenced – Is it going to be Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Delirious or Planetshakers that you get your style from? I’m not suggesting you mimic existing songs that you love singing at church. I’m saying listen to their chord progressions, listen to the way they go from verses to the chorus, what scriptures they are using and use that as a starting point.
  • 5. Sing from the heart – Sometimes you just need to sing. Sing the words placed on your heart by the Holy Spirit. Then begin to form them into a song.
  • 6. Pray – Dedicate your writing song session to God. Ask Him to help you. Ask Him to show you what He want’s to hear in a worship song.

That’s all for now. There may be more hints to come soon – but until then, happy writing.