Road Trips, Snow and Photo albums

Tomorrow we head away with a group of guys from Boys’ Brigade up to the centre of the North Island to encourage them to throw themselves the snow graced slopes of Mt Ruapehu.

Vicky and I are heading up in a support role, and will have many hours to spend together. It’ll be the first time away since our marriage. Sunday will be our 2 month anniversary. It feels like only yesterday though. Whilst we are up there, we are hoping to put together (or at least get started on) our photo album of the occasion to show friends and family when they’re over.

Though it would be awesome to be able to take the Mini, we have decided not to. Purely because we took it for a joy ride last night, and although it passed in flying colours, my spine is now more or less a crumbling mess. One day (after my spine has been strengthened with hardened titanium) I will take the Mini on a North Island road trip. One day.

Yeah – Won!

So I have officially completed my first year as a teacher.

In some small way, it feels like I’ve just won a marathon. Starting in a small school with heaps of support has been brilliant. Starting in the fourth term in a class full of Year 5 and 6’s who’d just had health lessons on the birds and the bees was not. But it¬†cocooned me in thick skin for the next schooling year where I’d have my very own class.

To celebrate, my school decided to make my position permanent, and whilst having to apply for my own job was the most awkward thing in the world, I was successful and became part of the permanent staff.