So often we come to a place of worship and we do all the talking. How many times have we prayed and been the only one to say anything? Time and time again through my spiritual walk with God I have heard people talk about how prayer is a two way thing. Where us talking to God is important, it is just as important that we spend time to listen to what God has to say.

The same applies for worship. There is huge importance in singing our praises, bowing our heads in reverence of His glory and awe, and giving our hearts to Him time and time again in worship. But how often are we giving God the chance to speak in our worship? There has also on occasion been a trend where the space created by the worship leaders has been deemed necessary to bring a sermonette. Whilst this can be appropriate and bring God’s voice to the people, how often is that time used just for God himself to speak directly into the lives? The focus of every worship leader should be to bring their congregation to a place where they can meet with God. But how often do we then give them the opportunity for God to have his say in the worship – directly into each life individually?

Create space for God in your worship. Whether it is in your personal worship or where you come together as the church body, allow for God to have His say in that worship.