The Tree

Why did God create the Tree of Knowledge, if he knew it would bring sin into the perfect world he created?
Maybe not even that he knew it would bring sin, but even that it could bring sin into this world?

The Tree of Knowledge, placed in the centre of the garden, was a tree that held the knowledge humans required to distinguish between good and evil. Prior to the eating of its fruit, humans had to grasp on what was bad or evil; because God had made everything, and he saw that it was good.
This means, that until the forbidden fruit was bitten into, humans had tobawareness of their conscience. Its not that it was not there, but that because it wasnt having to make judgements of good vs. evil, it wasnt at work.

So why would God jeapordise the paradise he had created by providing the opportunity for humans to gain the knowledge, and to disobey Gods one command (at this stage).

The truth is, I dont have the answer. I can only make assumptions based on the facts that I know. The facts are written in Genesis and are with us throughout the Bible. All of human history points back to this time. Collecting all this information, and from what I know, I can but think of one conclusion.

And my conclusion is that the reason God put the Tree in the garden of Eden, is because He wanted us to have the ability of free choice. Free choice to make decisions, free to choose to obey, or to sin.
By just putting that Tree there, it gave us a choice, above and beyond that ability of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve had a choice to not eat, just as they had a choice to eat.
Without free choice, we are but robots to God. God doesnt want puppets. God didnt want us dangling by His strings.