Best Man Speech

Where do I start? …. Maybe later you might be asking when will I stop!? But I hope to keep this nice and short. A bit like Stu really.

As all boys with brothers know, life is a constant competition. Doesnt matter what it is, we’ll find a way to turn it into a competition. Its not the same as girls, as lets face it… Blokes being blokes have to beat other blokes. There are only ever to outcomes being competativd with girls…
1st option – You beat a girl at something – big whoop.
2nd option, and less desireable option – Girl beats you at something – an eternal life of shame awaits. You thought nagging was bad… Just wait til a girl beats you at something. You’ll never hear the end of it. It’s easier to just not get in any competative situation with girls.
One that Stu might want to remember…

Stu and I are no different to any other brothers. Well, when i say no different… One of us is a bit different … But our competitiveness stretched to everything. First to wake up on Christmas morning; first to get ready for school in the morning; first to get to the front seat of the car; first to finish their dinner.
For us it seemed to be who could be best at sports mostly. Best at cricket in the backyard… best at basketball in the front driveway, best at indoor bowls down the hall, best at darts, table-tennis, and pool in the garage.
All of these, through one way or other, my little brother ended up being better than me.
Better at taking a three point shot, better at cricket and can play indoor as good as anyone, better at pool, darts and table tennis. Even indoor soccer he has an edge on me these days.
But my bitterness is much wider than that. It extends beyond just being better than me at something…

First to ride a motorbike – Stu.
First to go down a firebreak on a bike -Stu.
First to stay overnight on a camp – Stu.
First to shoot a gun – Stu
First to drive on a race track – Stu
First to sky dive – stu
First to be remembered by old teachers – Stu.
First to get his own car – Stu
First to get a full time job – Stu

And of course, what we’re all here for, first to get married – Stu.

But there is one thing I am quite happy with. It is one thing I have beaten him to. One thing he can never take away from me…
I’m the first one to be the Best Man.

Stu never really had much of an interest in History. Whilst many of us are able to see history for what it was, and possibly learn from it… Stu sees it as a big mistake that would be rather forgotten about so we can get on with our lives. After all, why write out a love letter by hand when an email is perfectly suffice? Who cares about how you had to wash clothes by hand by the river when a perfectly good washing machine is doing 1000 revolutions per minute. Who cares about how you used to walk to school…. In the snow… For miles… Uphill both ways, when a green mazda 626 will do just as well…Who cares about a trip to disneyland that you can’t remember, when Micky Mouse can be seen on TV… It is a small world after all…
But I do hope, for Nicola’s sake more than anyone that Stu will remember this day and will be able to cherrish it with many fond memories.
30th January, 30th January, 30th January…
Although we said that about his 21st and as we found out today, he can’t remember any of that now either…

So please charge your glasses. From the Best man to The best couple, hope you have an awesome life together, with each other and with God. Don’t forget your friends and family because they will be the ones standing along side you, and helping you out at bingo when we’re all old and grey.
So here is the toast to the bride and groom… To the bride and groom….


I think I just found my new favourite CSS gallery.

For years I have relied on a select few; mostly in fact CSS Remix.

But now I’ve found the new leader in my design inspiration producer. CSSMayo is sleek, yet strong, with very good graphics and excellent layout. Everything has been well thought out. Whilst it lacks a search function, which makes finding your own site or particular sites difficult, there are other aspects which totally make up for it. What they’ve done is added in what they call a “Lightbox” – which is basically a favourites bar at the top of the page. Once you arrive at the site, you can add site designs that you like the look of to your Lightbox, with a simple click of a button. The page doesn’t reload, it just goes about the task of adding that site to your Lightbox.

At the end of browsing, you can open up your Lightbox and have a look at your selection of sites. It saves it for next time too! No logging in (unless I did ages ago), so I suspect it relies heavily on cookies and cache…

It has a good system of categories, and a good colour indication chart. Everything makes sense, and it is incredibly easy to use.

What I would like to see improved on is individual site pages. The links coming in from my listed site were from /page/75/, /page/82/ etc… If they had individual pages, this wold be very handy to have a direct link to your site/ your favourite site.

EDIT: They do have this feature! Check out!

But the ability to save designs that you like is great. In CSS Remix I was forever having to go hunting, and re-hunting for designs that I liked from last time I was there. Now, with this Lightbox in CSSMayo, there won’t be any searching for long lost designs. Just browse, click and add.

Put simply, it’s revolutionary.


Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane – Review

Hello Hurricane

Hello Hurricane is the 7th studio album by Switchfoot. And it’s a stunner.

It delves into those rock roots of Switchfoot, as well as adding those mellow tones we’ve come to know and love. There are hints of Audio Adrenaline, All Star United as well as Wolfmother and Fall Out Boy all mixed into one. Their title track, Hello Hurricane is to Switchfoot what November Rain is to Guns and Roses. It reflects on the albumns they’ve made in the past, and turns a corner for the future. The album isn’t as wacky or as over-dramatic as Oh! Gravity, but instead returns to the roots of Beautiful Letdown, whilst still pushing for a new sound in Christian music.

Many of the topics covered are Christian views in a secular world. Christ isn’t necessarily proclaimed, especially in those songs aimed at the mainstream market – Mess of Me being one of them. But they speak of hope in a world of darkness, which one cannot slag them for.

★★★★✩ 4 stars

Purchase album


Parade Cafe


I have to say, if you’re ever in Wellington, looking for somewhere for lunch – you have to go to Parade Cafe.

A group of us from TLC would often visit there once in a while and my less adventurous (or less wealthy) self would stick to their seasoned wedges. They are awesome!

Today I took Vicky there for the first time, and decided to try their Spicy Chicken Burger. Although not as spicy as I had hoped (it’d seemingly been wofted over the jar of spice that probably still had the lid on!), it was divine!

It is more than reasonably priced, and this shows by the queue’s that usually extend out of the door on the weekend. Luckily though, there always seems to be ample seating for two somewhere on the premises.




Today is the first day of the year.

As a family (with soon to be Sister-in-Law and Vicky!) we headed up to the Rimutaka Incline. Nicola, Bridget and Stu were going to be biking over the journey, and Vicky, Mum, Dad and myself were just going for the trip up there.

The Mini survived! It was awesome!

Although, there are less ‘picnic-y’ spots up there than I remembered.


In December of 2009 I decided I wanted more.
More of God.
More inspiration.
More of life.

I was sick of sitting at homegroup feeling convicted, guilty and ‘not christian’ enough because I didn’t read the bible or pray regularly. I was sick of not getting the most out of this life I am supposedly living for Christ.  These feelings repeated themselves time and time again throughout the year – not because everyone else was doing it, but because everyone felt that they could do better in this area.

So why don’t we do better? Why didn’t we start there and then, upon those convictions, to do better? To study? To pray? Because we dwell on the negatives and have our moment down in the dumps.

Reflect:365 is a challenge. It is where I will sit down ad reflect on bible passages from what I read for that day, based on a Bible Devotional. It is going to be hard. It’s going to take up my time. But I am living my life for Christ, and this is one way that I can share that with others.

So where can you find it?
All you need to do is head out to my Raw God site:

Alternatively, you can find the latest feeds at the bottom of my home page, under Reflect:365.

Please, tell your family, tell your friends. With your help this idea can spread and we can change how the world thinks. One step at a time.