So today I opened up an old songbook of mine, and found a song I wrote almost two years ago in memory of Tom Allen, a guy I grew up through Boys’ Brigade with.

It hurts me to sing it.

It hurts me more that I lost two verses of it on the computer.

So today I sang it.

Today I re-wrote the first two verses.

Tom (Unknown Love)

The funeral of another man
The darkness of this life took you away
The cloud was to thick to see through
You chose to see another light of day

We never said too much
The quiet friendship of silence
Wasn’t enough to keep you standing here
Was there anything that either of us could do?

Tom, Oh Tom.
Tom, Oh Tom
I bet you never thought, that I’d be standing here for you.

Tom, Oh Tom
Tom, Oh Tom
I bet you never thought, that there was this unknown love.

Standing here just thinking
Both my eyes release another tear for you
With my heart crying out
Screaming of unknown love