Looking into the morning sun, across the lush, empty field towards the still bush and distant hills. The magnificence of God’s own creation astounded my complex mind. How could there be any other explanation for all this other than divine inspiration?

But my thoughts paused there for only a second before pulling out an old, rustic guitar with three nylon and three steel strings and singing song in praise and in simple yet complete worship.

As I meditated on this situation, it struck me as to what I needed to write about this week.

Worship can happen anywhere. At the time, I was sitting on the deck of an old wooden lodge. Any other weekend I would be found at my local church in a row of seats, or on the stage adding my part to the worship mix.
But there is no way I could pass on this opportunity to stagger in amazement at the glamourous beauty of the nature around me.
What was stopping me? Nothing. There was no reason that I couldn’t worship my God that morning. Even without a semi-nylon, semi-steel guitar on hand, worship can still occur. You just need to have the right heart and the right attitude.

Don’t rely on church to “do worship”. Worship should be part of your daily life, your daily walk with God. Not just “Sundaily”.