Positivity works.

For students who are always talked down to, who are always told what not to do, who are continually run down because they can’t manage to work with other students well… Positivity works.

I tried things today. Yesterday was horrible. The constant chatter was driving me senseless.

After talking about it in the staffroom, I came away with a few suggestions to try.

I figured that if I wanted the students to change, then I would have to change as well. To change from telling students what not to do, to congratulating and praising the students who were doing the right things. So I told my students this. I told them that I was going to change. I added in incentives and a class target for the end of the day. All of them to aim for positive behaviour, rather than disciplining bad behaviour.

And you know what? It worked.

It worked well.

Positivity works.