The door creaked open.
The empty darkness enclosed by the room wait with arms wide open for the waiting stubbed toe of the strangers left foot.

Lately I have been a stranger in two completely different abodes. And although I have yet to stub my toe in either of them, it is often how I feel upon entering the strange locations; waiting for it to happen.

Last weekend I wrote bout my escapade up to Raurimu. It was a weekend spent away from it all. Up at Raurimu, time seems to stand still if not go backwards. The walls are filled with nostalgic photos of earlier pioneers, fond memories and better times. The wood style home stands amongst nature, and you get a real sense of living. Short of no electricity, this place is removed from everything that busy’s our lives.

This weekend I have been asked to house-sit at my pastor’s place. It is completely different, although possibly serves the same purpose as Raurimu, in that I am able to distance myself from the week that awaits. The place is modern, with a view over the city I love, and is kitted out with technology to boot.

It occurred to me that either of these locations, I could quite happily live in. One, with the backwards clock spinning slowly on the wall, there is time to paint, time to reflect, time to be with nature and time to be with God. In the other, I am sitting contempt in a sofa ergonomically perfect for my awkwardly lengthed limbs, typing through a wireless connection to my website and watching background DVD’s.

As I begin to get older, and start to mould my opinion of the style of living I want. Either of the two weekends I could have quite happily spent the rest of my life at. I am aware and genuinely humbled that I have been blessed with even being able to make a choice like that. Many people don’t. Many people won’t get any choice in how they live, what they live in, or the style of sofa they would get to relax in, let alone watch a DVD in the background. I will forever thank God for this.

Be thankful for what you have, worry for nothing, and let tomorrow come when it is ready.