David Crowder Band: Church Music – Review

This latest album release from David Crowder pushes him further into musical genius, but further away from a more traditional view of what contemporary church music is. Whilst his earlier albums have been ground breaking in the way that we view worship, this latest piece leaves very little in the way of practical songs that could fit into a contemporary church. The overload on electronica in this record distracts from the pure worship trying to be expressed.

The songs are good. They are well constructed, and are a typical display of the honest lyrics David Crowder has become known for. The chorus lyrics do seem to repeat a lot, and maybe this can be seen as a chant; the earliest form of church music.

As a whole, I am impressed at the ability of David Crowder to push the limits and push the stereotype, but for me, it fails to meet my expectations of what I initially thought the album might be.

★★★✩✩ – 3 stars