Dangers of Love

Lately, due to winter setting in, I have been driving in fog.

Coming over the hill into Wainui to drop Vicky home after church we are often met with this level of visibility. Normally this wouldn’t phase me, but with the Mini’s limited heating system, this is exaggerated somewhat!

Of course, Love will always win and I will happily continue to drive through the fog in order to see her home safely.


Often life gets busy. This week I have been working at few different schools. I also have a lot of work going on in the background, such as the church website, and some paintings which I have started, but haven’t been able to finish.

For me, this week has been about learning to rest.
I envy the cat. I often come downstairs in the morning to see Bob curled up, without a care in the world.

Matthew 11.28 says “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest” (WEB).

I’ve learnt that in Christ, I can rest. With mind racing and wondering when I’m going to have time, all that fade when you focus on the splendor and awe of God and His grace. It brings me peace. It brings me rest.


Tonight I headed out with our worship team to Wellington City Elim for Parachute Music’s “noise” conference. It was an honour to hear Henry Seely from Planetshakers, one of the leaders in Christian worship music, come and talk to us about worship.

It invigorated, challenged and inspired me in many ways. I am still quietly processing a lot of what was said, and seeing where and how it might apply to Hutt City Baptist. It’ll be interesting to see how much from it is taken on board.

One thing is for sure, it will be a journey.


Yesterday I got myself an iPod Touch. It’s a belated Christmas present for myself and something I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a little while. Today I was able to really sit down and get used to it. For me, its everything I want in a phone, just without the phone part! Which is brilliant! Some might say, I might as well get an iPhone, but the iPod Touch doesn’t quite cost as much, nor the ongoing cost of monthly plans.


Farewell fair friends.

Today, Louise and Mike had their leaving afternoon party. It was a small gathering of family and friends, to have one last goodbye. Whilst this photo doesn’t depict them (they are not nuts!), it does sum up the afternoon. It was warm, cozy and pleasent.

I wish Louise and Mike all the best over in their new home in Melbourne. I will endeavour to come and visit sometime.

God Bless



What a week!

First: Monday. We picked up Vicky’s Academic Dress, but not without an incident which later proved to be a cracked radiator causing the engine to overhea tand burst forth with steam.

Tuesday. I headed over early to help Vicky get ready as well as get some photos of her before the ceremony. Although she was visibly nervous, she completed her walk across the stage. Both of our families met up for dinner afterwards.

Wednesday: Today. My turn. All went well and it was really good doing the march with friends, catching up and remembering old times.

Ever since, Gaudeamus has been stuck in my head, playing over and over on single repeat.


So I tried to be clever and install the latest openSuse onto my spare partition.

And managed to wipe my Ubuntu partition.

After searching the net, I found an excellent program called “TestDisk” which recovered my files.

This of course enabled me to put on a fresh version of Ubuntu 9.04, and add my documents to it later!


Today is Vicky and my 2.5 year anniversary.

Trust me to come down with a cold and ruin dinner plans.Vicky was still kind enough to come out and see me though.

Happy Anniversary babe.

The Motor Way

Today Vicky drove me in to Gordon Harris so I could buy myself some art stuff. She drove extremely well and we made it in without any difficulties. This look on her face says it all… “I didn’t do that well – really…”


Today Autumn arrived.

Well – its more like winter. The cold gusty breeze knocked through the Hutt today and took all of the beautiful leaves off their branches, leaving them even more beautiful on the sheltered floor.

Took me back to childhood once more, of raking them into piles and hiding oneself in them.

Childhood Return

Lately I’ve been noticing things that have returned me to childhood. Last week I started a painting series looking at Days Bay, where I went to school. This week it has been Fejoa’s.

We used to have 2 huge Fejoa trees in our front yard. It was a regular exercise, heading out there with buckets and picking thousands of them. For me, they are the forgotten fruit of childhood. They haven’t got the glamour of strawberries, or the tastyness of blackberries.

I guess that’s a bit like us sometimes. Not everyone is as glamourous, or famous or wealthy or smart. But in the eyes of God, we are all equal. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. A lesson God has been pressing on my heart lately.


Today I headed along to a new Smallgroup that started up for that 20-40 year old range.

It was really good seeing a few familiar faces and getting to know a couple of not so familiar ones.

As with any new thing like that things were very tentative as people searched for the right level of things to share or express. All in all it must have been pretty good as I am keen enough to head back again next week!