Today I needed to reload. Reload on life. Lately I’ve been getting less and less sleep and having more and more things to do. Today I needed out. So sport it was – as usual for the day. After that it was time for relaxation. I needed it so much, that I didn’t even take the photo for today – its just one of the photos that Vicky took whilst I was playing sport.

Earth Day

Global Warming? Its all a fasce isn’t it?

Even so, Vicky and I were at Tim and Anita’s for dinner tonight. It was an excellent evening and very relaxing – which is what I needed and what this picture is all about!

Home again

Sometimes its always good to be home. Each night when I leave Vicky’s place, I text her to let her know I’m home safe and sound. Its nice – to know that someone else cares to know. It is always good to be home, but someday I do hope that I don’t have to do that any more, because that some day she will be home waiting for me.

Not morning

This is not the sight you want to see.


But especially when you know you have to get up early to see about a relieving job, and you’re so nervous about it that you can’t get back to sleep.

This is how my day started.

But I was really surprised. Quite honestly the best day’s teaching I had of any of the schools I have been in. It was really really good. I do hope to head back there again sometime soon. I guess it just goes to show not to judge a book by its cover, and also that I really shouldn’t worry so much about things that I tie my stomach in a knot. It wasn’t healthy.

Recipe for Painting

1 or 2 Paintbrushes
1 Tin of Paint
2 Old Rags/Cloths
1 Bucket of water
1 Stirring stick
1 Flat-head screwdriver
1 Ladder
1 iPod + headphones

Add time as needed.


Sometimes you just can’t help but get paint everywhere. Even after washing my hands, I still had flecks.

I offered to paint my sister’s house for her a while back, so today was the day that I began. I don’t know how people do it for a living though. After 3 hours, I’d done my dash. Still, it was good fun, working on my own, listening to some tunes… chilling out with a paintbrush in my hand. Pretty good stuff on a warm autumn day!


So Bob is a Garfield cat. He doesn’t like Monday’s. Though I don’t think its a dislike for the ‘day-after-the-weekend’ factor – but more because Mum does the vacuuming on Monday’s!

This Monday, he decided that my room was the best place to be, on the bed, in the sun. Well… what would be the sun if it weren’t raining.


What a waste of time that was.

Vicky and I spent half an hour driving around a car park. Not even continuously looking for one, but stuck in the traffic jam as everyone else was looking for one also. Joy!

So the Monet didn’t happen today – but we did manage to get up to Brooklyn to see the Wind Turbine which Vicky never knew we had! It was a good time spent with her.

Sometimes life is parked. Othertimes, we want it to be parked and yet it keeps going, pushing us further around the traffic jam, trudging through starts and stops until eventually we are spat out the otherside and can get back up to normal running speed.

Quality Time

This weekend looked to be a true blessing. Vicky didn’t have any work on, and so we were able to spend most of the day together today. It was good. Although we had to go to help with Race Unity Day, set up and pack up either ends of the day it only added to our quality time together.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well. There is no church because of the church camp, so we are planning to head into town to see the Monet exhibition and also go up to Brooklyn and see the Wind Turbine.


For a few years now I’ve been trying things to give up on a problem I have. 4 or 5 months ago, Vicky got me this little Turkey. Its not just any turkey though… Its a Cold Turkey.

At first it helped, then it got discarded to the side of the work desk. But recently I’ve noticed it creeping closer back into my life. No matter how hard you squeeze it, it still bounces back and motivates you to keep going.

A bit like life really. Even though sometimes you feel under the squeeze, there’s pressures at work, or to get work, or at home, with family or with friends – sometimes we feel like the Squeeze is too much. Sometimes we can’t breath because of it.

I think that’s where God comes in. He fills us up with His love, His Spirit and His power and motivates us to keep going. Her works His way into our circumstances as shows us with humility who the boss of our life really is.


In a day that held no plans, I suddenly found myself in a morning full of things to do and people to see.

I went up town to get the change of ownership for the Gherkin, and sort out insurance. Whilst doing this, I met up with Vicky and was happy to see that she loved the Mini. So what better way to say hello than to take her for a drive in it, off to a school to drop in a CV. Eventually we found it and headed back into town to meet up with Vicky’s brother and mum. It all worked out like clockwork, even though none of it was planned.

I still look out the door and pinch myself to make sure I’m not just imagining things when I see that Mini in our driveway.


Its about time! Ever since I was 11 or 12, I’ve been wanting my first car to be a Mini. Now… It is!

Its a nice little green number, 1980 Morris Mini LE. Currently thinking of names for it – if you’d like to make suggestions… I’m leaning towards Lenny at the moment as a combination of LE and Mini!

It is brilliant though. I’m still pinching myself!