Data Head

So in a surprise twist of events, Vicky and I and Stu and Nicola headed out to our friends Glen and Danica’s for dinner tonight. It was great to see them again and see their growing family. It will be a delight to see them grow up more and more.

We had fish and chips and even a game of snap before we got out the Cranium. Its a brilliant game and we stick to boys vs. girls as its the easiest way to split the gathering. A close game, but of course, the bloke had it under control the whole time!

Sick Vicky

For the last while, Vicky has been sick. Her voice has almost completely gone. It turns out she has a mild case of bronchitis. So it was good to go and see her, look after her and make sure she was recovering alright.

The rest of the day went well. I’ve enjoyed the small spot of teaching of the last two weeks and I’m looking forward to getting out there a bit more and helping out relieving at other schools as well.

Slip n’ Slide

For the last two months my phone has been on holiday. The cable which connects the slider to the keypad was broken, so the screen only worked when it was covering the keypad, making it very difficult to text.

I’ve spent the last two months texting by braille almost.

But last night I received the package of replacement cables and now the phone is working again. Very happy!

Art Wednesday

Today would have to be one of my favourite day’s relieving. Just through pure coincidence, it turned out that our class was to have art for an entire day almost! I would have only thought it would be possible in a dream! It was awesome!

Worship (Practice)

Tuesday night is practice night for our worship team.

Which raises an interesting question. Is there such thing as worship practice? I’m not talking about music practice, but rather practicing for worship? Surely it would be considered as worship regardless? You can’t exactly tell God – “Sorry, don’t worry about these praises to Your name, we’re just practising…”.

So I like to make a little time at each of these practices to stop thinking about the song and how its working, who’s playing what, and just take an opportunity to




Bike Night

So it was our semi regular bike ride last night where we take the boys for a trek down the Riverbank Trail. I don’t normally go (such is the case when you have such a strong aversion to bike seats) but I was compelled to go last night and I’m glad I did. It was a very fun and enjoyable time, including races around a miniature road at Avalon Park, and one boy who ran with his bike all the way back to the church after getting a puncture.

By the end of the night I was reminded why I don’t do bikes. Lets just say you shouldn’t have pain down there at the best of times, let alone voluntarily!

Lazy Sunday

So every Sunday (weather permitting) there are a group of us from the church circle who gather for a spot of sport in the sun. It is always quite an enjoyable time and a chance to get to know everyone in a more laid back and informal environment. Whether its booting around a soccer ball or a flick of Frisbee, its always fun hanging out and expending some energy.

May winter hold itself back!!!

Its all Black and White

So today I was playing around with Black and White photography, exploring some of the techniques I saw in some library books I got out. Wish I could keep them actually. Reminds me of my old art teacher who actually would keep them and just pay the fine to the library for losing a book rather than purchasing it – but that’s another story.

So I turned my camera onto black and white (something which I don’t do very often because I can make it black and white on the computer should I need to) but it worked really well because you adjust and tweak the photo and re-take it when you see what it looks like in Black and White, rather than judging the colour.

I will certainly be using Black and White as a medium from now on!


Vicky got a cold the other day. Unfortunately when she gets a cold, it usually heads straight for her throat, resulting in a dramatic loss of voice. Eventually she gets sick of repeating herself because no one can hear her and she writes notes.

What do you want me to say?

Such a large question. Yet the answer should always be “the truth”. We shouldn’t be limited to what people want us to say. But so often we are. All those times when we say what we think people want to hear. All those times when we don’t say something that we probably should in aid of avoiding conflict. All of these times we are “saying” what people want us to say.

What do you want me to say?

Keeping you updated…

One day at a time!

That’s what it’s been like. This last week I have been relieving in a classroom. In some ways it feels exactly like being on section – except a major difference is I’m getting paid! Which is brilliant! Must get onto getting an Academic Transcript so as to get paid in full!

Thus being why I haven’t had much time to update my blog for a while.

Another reason is because I’ve just finished work on the Hutt City Baptist music database which is all fun and games as it implements the ChordPro format into a web page and then there’s all the database management and login side of the site. Built from scratch it has a real sense of achievement behind it. I do not wish to release this link to the public as the music is for those in the music team, but if you would like to see it please get in touch with me!

Add to this the fact that I have been running a project called “Day” where I take a photo every day and write about my day. If you are wanting day to day updates of my life, its probably a good idea to go and check that out – rather than keeping your eyes on this one!

In my box

Isn’t it funny how we can get comfortable? When life around us begins to get boring purely because we’re doing the same things we’ve always done. Yet when we get thrown out into the deep end, we get all stressed out and worried over life that we completely lose focus.

I think sometimes we get ourselves into a nice little box, where we get comefortable. Those four sides of the box are within reach at any point in time and we’ll protect it if anything tries to disturb that peace of mind.

I observed our cat today. Every now and then he’ll find a strange place to curl up and sleep. He has this habbit of curling up inside Mum’s jigsaw boxes. For those that don’t know, he is a rather large cat and most of the time is far to big for the box. But he will always try – often breaking the box at the seams. I think this happens to us. Sometimes we get too big for the box we are in, but instead of getting a new box, we force ourselves to get comfortable in the existing box until eventually it breaks.

Jesus came to break down boxes. He came so that we might live. So don’t wrap yourself up in a box that doesn’t fit. Don’t limit yourself or your life. Stretch out. Don’t get comfortable.


So is this what it feels like? I’m knackered!

Its been a busy week with relieving going from one or two days, to being an entire week and possibly longer.Its been incredibly enjoyable and the staff are extremely supportive, but I’m shattered!

I’ve just gotten home from spending the evening with Vicky. I’ve come to realise that the weeks go a lot slower if I haven’t seen her on the Sunday. So I took her out for dinner tonight and then took her for a driving lesson. She is improving every time.

So here I am; lying on my bed: shattered, exhausted, but enjoying life at the moment.