Driving Miss Vicky

Today Vicky and I went for a drive. But it wasn’t the normal drive. This time Vicky was in the driving seat. It was my first time giving a lesson and despite the usual dilemmas that every learner driver goes through it was a very successful and enjoyable ride. I was impressed.

Puppet Show

Vicky has a small collection of soft toys. Yet they’re not just any soft toys. Every Friday night, without fail, they come to life when Jen acts out asking Vicky and I about our weeks, through the soft toy. It really is magical and amazing how she gives them their own individual personality. Every time I walk in her room, those soft toys provide comfort in that they’re always there, scattered across her bead like they’d just stopped partying as we walked in the room!

To Your Ears

Tonight was music practice for the Evening Service. There are now a core group of people who are keen to up the quality of our services – which includes the music. It was good just chilling and jamming and discussing ideas and re-working songs. Hopefully the enthusiasm for excellence doesn’t fade out.

Planning Ahead

Tonight we had our planning meeting for Term 1, 2009 at BB. This is the usual get together have a chat and get planned for the term ahead. It comes with its ebs and flows of ideas, and we almost always end up getting quite off track, but at the end of the night we have a programme that we’re excited about and hopefully so will the boys.


The beggining of my photo journal. Where I endeavour to capture my day in one snapshot.


Well, I’ve always liked the idea of passing on my experiences to those who may wish to read them in the future. A bit like the journal written by Benjamin Button, the man who lived life backwards.

So please – come back day after day and see my life in snapshot form.


So summer job has finished – somewhat abruptly due to a scheduled day off being the last day for our shift. But all in all the whole experience was really good. I even got used to the 3pm – 11:30pm shift – even though it stunted my social life over the Christmas period quite considerably. For those not in the loop, the job was collating and distributing the NCEA Exams for 2008 – firstly to the markers, and then to the candidates. It was a great time and a great bunch of people I got to meet and got to know.

And with that ends one phase in life. Possibly my last “summer job”.

Watch out real world. Here I come!

At the moment life is…

At the moment life is indifferent. I’ve been at work over the summer and so possibly haven’t had the time to be posting items on my blog like this. It has been good work though. The hours do seem to run by reasonably quickly now that I’m into the rhythm of 3pm-11:30pm shifts. It has somewhat killed whatever social life I used to have.

At the moment life is frustrating. Simply put, I expected to have a teaching job by now. Whilst my faith in God will not be tested by this, it is challenging to sit and wait for the next job to be advertised for me to apply.

At the moment life is uncertain. With the teaching job not availing itself to me, I was sent a message about a possible job developing a website at a company in Lower Hutt. I have since sent in my application for this position and will wait and see whether this path is the right one to take at this point in time.

At the moment life is new. Mostly because Vicky bought a new car! Which means she will be learning to drive and the excitement that comes from all things new.

At the moment life is busy. Add to my job the fact that I’m working on three websites at the moment (not even including my own!) They are Easter Camp Central website, Hutt City Baptist Youth website, and my new initative Raw God website.

At the moment life is life. At the end of the day, all these things make life what it is. They make it worth living. And at the end of the day, God is in complete control because He’s that good.

What’s your life doing at the moment?