So life has become more and more visual. It continues to impress me the amazing things that nature and life throws our way. The latest man-made gadgets such as new cellphones that are dirt cheap, and wireless interconnectivity on laptops that I have no idea how it works, yet it does, and the amazing world that is the internet, have me stop in my tracks and stop to think.

3 nights ago a shadow flicker struck across my laptop. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I looked up, and there was this spider, gracefully traversing its tightrope of webs across my light. I grabbed a picture, being that I have a new lease of passion for photography and light (see my 23HQ page). It made me think, that regardless of all the man made things we can do, and how great this secular world thinks it is with its technology and connectivity, it has nothing on the amazing intricacies of nature and God’s own creation. Pound for Pound, Spider web is stronger than any other material, and it all comes out of these tiny little creatures that seem to serve no other purpose in our advancing world. It brought me back to reality, that life is so much more than our little insular world.

Keep an eye out – you might enjoy some of the best things in life

Update // 17/11/08 – New Site Design

So yesterday I finished the main structure of the site with the core pages. I am looking at adding more to the site in the coming weeks.

This site has been a work in progress over the last 2-3 months. I have been struggling a lot with different design ideas and design inspirations. I’m still not sure that I’ve nailed it yet, and so some changes are sure to be made. If you have any suggestions it would be great to hear them!


  • Full jQuery integration – complete removal of mootools which was causing a lot of problems for little purchase!
  • Integration of Galleria for jQuery and the use of this in my art gallery and photo galleries.
  • Bigger emphasis placed on Photography and Web Designs, as well as keeping the high art profile.
  • Use of 23HQ as a photo manager, rather than the heavily commercialised Flickr
  • Skin Changer ‘ajaxed’ to be automatic, but still with some slight glitches (such as changing pages etc…) so not released with initial launch.
  • New CSS navigation using one image for all buttons.
  • “Related Pages” array used for all pages that are related to that page – implemented with a function in functions.php
  • Better integration and visibility of social sites – Twitter, Last.FM, Delicious and Digg

Many thanks to those who helped during the project. Special thanks to Elliot Jay Stocks for his input to get galleria up and running and for his wonderful inspirations of website design.

Galleria stuck in a Rut

Recently I have been re-developing my website.

As you are aware, it is heavily graphics oriented with a focus on my Artwork gallery.

Lately I’ve been trying out jQuery with relative success. Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag. Galleria is a plugin which seems to work on everyone else’s site absolutely fine. But for some reason, not on mine.

Edit: Finally got it working. A few mis-placed lines of code and other things not in the right order of loading. Works fine now!