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This morning, Flash passed away. Close to 3 years ago he was diagnosed with terminal kidney failure. He was given 6 months to live. Being the fighter that he is, he lasted beyond what anyone thought imaginable. However, this week, his time had come and it was time to take him to the vet and say our last good bye.

He was a childhood friend, a protector of his property and a dedicated friend to a family who loved him.Many a laugh has been had with him, as well as many a tear falling upon his head in troubled times of my youth.

I will miss him dearly. You won’t be forgotten Flash.

Fedora 9 on USB Stick

I read about this in one of the UK Linux Mags I get every now and then.
But when I got around to actually trying it out, it was even better.

I found this article on Lifehacker which takes you through the bits and pieces of setting it up.

What it doesn’t say is that the LiveUSB Creator allows you to create ANY distro Live USB… Not just limited to Fedora. It does this by allowing you to select any .iso image you might have of other distros.
This could quite possibly be the best thing since LiveCD… A tool that allows ANYONE to put and Linux onto a USB stick and use it.

It will even go off and fetch Fedora 9 for you if you don’t have the .iso

FedoraHosted have this article surrounding the use and installation of their LiveUSB tool.

Where the Church sits?

So lately I’ve been rummaging around in my head, jumping over hurdles and fighting with myself in the spiritual realm. Where shall I begin!?

There have been a few teething problems with the new location, and the consistancy of the services. The standard has dropped considerably, and there is the lifeless energy of a dying man settling on the congregation. I almost get the feeling that people are still coming to the cinema to enjoy the show.

All of these thoughts have led me to a disgruntled feeling.
But what is church for? Why do we do it? And most importantly, should the quality matter? Is there such a thing as a standard we have to maintain?

I believe we should each give God our best in everything that we do. I believe that church should be good to honour God. But who is the church service for? God doesn’t need it. Its for us. So the only expectations we have for a church service is our own. For some that may be high, it may be slightly lower. In the end the expectation is your own.

But why have an expecation for church? Because many of us, especially those in the western world, take fiath for granted. We turn up to church on a Sunday and call ourselves Christians, yet fail to live our entire lives for God? We complain about how poor church was, or how great the music wasn’t, and fail to live each day for God. Our expectations of the church are such that we want the church to replace our shortcomings as a follower of Christ. We expect the church to provide us with that spiritual stamina we need through for the week, when in all honesty we need to be doing that ourselves.

This is not to let the church off the hook. Instead it is quite the opposite. The church should be providing its people with the support and encouragement and the necessary means in which to live our daily lives for Christ. It should also be a place where people want to come back to and enjoy fellowshipping in God’s presence. For that to happen, it needs to be of a reasonable standard in order to get people excited for God. It shouldn’t need to be an entertainment package that gets people along, as people should be enthused about God, not the great music or lightshow.

A lot of emphasis is then place back on the individual who comes to church. Instead of turning up to watch a show in relaxing cinematic seating, it is up to them to bring that enthusiasm for God, that expectancy to meet Him, and an open heart on which to change. To do that however, they need to be equipped in their daily lives in order to have that fire burning deep inside their soul. May you be encouraged therefore to do this each and every day in your own life, to follow God with all your heart, mind and strength.

Ubuntu Dust

I stumbled upon a new and sleek theme for Ubuntu. Its called “Ubuntu Dust” and what it has over the countless other themes out there is that its soft, sleek, professional, but more than that – creates an atmosphere for Ubuntu that should have been there from the start. It makes Ubuntu worthwhile, rather than a glossy orange gimmick.

I’m also a big fan of dark themes, but often are too dark and too high contrast. Ubuntu Dust seems to make the right in-roads into a perfect mix for a dark theme.

I currently run Compiz, and for some reason, an Emerald theme has not been developed. When I run Metacity as my decorator, it shows the default Ubuntu Hardy theme. So, I’ve taken it upon my shoulder to make an Emerald port of Ubuntu Dust.


Any music montage, such as the type I make that is placed on YouTube is now completely and entirely removable. Even though I make it a important self-policy to always list the music’s copyright owner, and never, ever claiming the music as my own, Get Amnesty sums up the laws and regulations surrounding the reason behind it:

“The Copyright Act of 1976 and its subsequent amendments make it illegal to copy and or distribute copyrighted material without expressed consent of the rights holder.”

This article outlines the issues that face YouTube:

GetAmnesty.com is a site that offers settlement options to such violations.
But read into this what you will. It sounds like a very scary future for not only YouTube, but the whole of the digital scene.

“The GetAmnesty.com program begins with powerful software monitoring the illegal download of copyrighted material from Websites all over the world. Once the copyright infringement is verified, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), the copyright owner or an agent acting on behalf of the copyright owner can send a DMCA copyright infringement notification to the individual who has illegally downloaded the copyrighted material. Once the infringer receives the notification from Nexicon, Inc., the user is provided an option to visit the GetAmnesty.com Website and settle the copyright infringement for a minimal monetary value, thus preventing costly litigation for the infringer, or worse, prison time or fines up to $250,000.”

I’m hereby removing all my videos from YouTube to avoid such violations of copyright. As an artist, I have to be a fan of it, yet it seems as though some people have taken this much too far and there is no longer freedom being shouted in the streets of the interweb.