End of an Era

Today was essentially an end of an era.

We had our last piece of teaching assessment. 15 minutes of presentation to tell our colleagues about our beliefs of teaching. All went well generally. My laptop which initally connected to the system chose not to work, so I had to resort to a less than favourable Plan B with lacking fonts and flash animations. Most disappointing.

But yeah – no more teaching assignments. It really begins to highlight just how close to the end I am. 12 more hours of Uni (not including exams…)

Widget, Dashboards and Screenlets

So lately I’ve been getting into the whole web application scene. Not so much making them yet, but playing around and seeing what can be achieved. But I’ve never seen the point in desklets, widgets, dashboard whatever you like to call them.

But then again, I never really gave them a good shot.

I stumbled across a post that had a list of good ones for Linux (being that I’m completely Linux oriented now!) here: http://linux4world.blogspot.com/2007/10/top-8-widget-engines-for-linux-platform.html

I was very interested in the possibility of running more than one Dashboard manager. Screenlets for me is still very buggy with very limited support for Google Apps (and lets face it – who DOESN’T want them!), and inconsistant run on startup settings.

Thats when I saw Jackfield. Haven’t yet installed it yet but it does sound very promising. I will check it out, as you probably should by clicking on the link below, and then I’ll probably write a post about it if its any good!


CrossOver Chromium

This is a proof of concept. Google’s new browser will work on Linux! You can see it here first from CrossOver. Its actually free this time unlike their product suite which will run Windows apps on other Operating Systems such as Linux!

You can download CrossOver Chromium here


So bucking the trend of Sunday nights and heading out to see one of New Zealand’s hottest new bands “Parachute Band”, we headed out to Arise church at Wellington Town Hall.

All I can say, within 6 minutes of being there, there was a real and tangible atmosphere of God’s presence. Whether you believe that or not is beside the point, because it was obvious that God was there.

It got me thinking. Why isn’t every church like that? I’m not saying that every church should be the same as Arise, but instead – why doesn’t God show Himself like that at every church? There is no reason why that atmosphere cannot be a part of every church service. With the lights, the music and a crowd of people all open and committed to worshiping God, there is no reason why not.

Its not about being Arsie church. It is not about going to Arise. Its about meeting God and God meeting people. And if Arise has something that is really working and connecting with people, then there are lessons that can be learned from them.

Thanking Arise church for opening my eyes would be hypocritical, instead; Thank you God for opening my eyes.


Upon the recent success of my literature review exploring the nature of Introverted children in the primary school classroom, I have released my findings on my site.

You can find the article here: Go to Article

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The introvert is an interesting, complex character. Introverts will be the ones sitting quietly with their heads down working, often engrossed in the task. They will be quietly spoken in group discussions. They will be the ones that don’t answer questions and raised eyebrows in astonishment appear on the teacher’s face when they do, because quite often it is a profound or developed answer. Introverts don’t thrive on attention, but this does not mean they don’t want recognition for their achievements. Teacher’s often don’t know how to relate to them, or how to connect with them, when quite often they are connecting with the content without showing any outward signs. How on earth does a teacher begin to contemplate how to reach them? There is so much pressure to cater for the diversity in a classroom, is this one more aspect that should be considered? “Children’s temperaments-whether they are introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between-greatly affect how they learn. Temperament affects how kids process information, how they give back information, and how they take tests. It’s not just a social issue.” (Trierweiler, 1999, p.23).”