Update // 31/03/08 – Spill Reborn

As you can now see, I have a new site design – tapping into the same sort of inspiration I had for Spill a while back.

Now – at the moment it is currently only fully working for Mozilla Firefox browsers. I am still working on it to get it working for Internet Explorer (which for some reason the general populous still use!)
I also have to edit bits and pieces to the colours of fonts on some of the pages, but that should be a quick and relatively easy fix once I get the time.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions or general comments. That would be greatly appreciated.

‘Till next time…

Easter 2008

So whilst everyone else heads back to work on this Tuesday, I’m left at home one more day to enjoy (knock on wood) the Cricket Test between England and New Zealand.
One more day before heading back to teach at school.
And what a weekend it has been.
Often those long weekends which just have the extra Monday (Queen’s Birthday and Labour Weekend) are just not long enough.
This one wouldn’t have been had I not had this Tuesday off as well.
Anyway… Easter has been quite good. Church on Sunday was a bit of a let down though. Because there was no Good Friday service, all those joyous songs of Christ being crucified rang in the air… Rather than the celebratory raising from the dead that it should be.
Much enjoyable times were spent with Vicky and her family and I’d like to thank them for accommodating them into their plans, even though they didn’t have much say over it!

‘Till next time…

Facebook – PWOT?

So lately I’ve been moseying around Facebook and have found it quite FACEinating. Some people from school who I never talked to at school, but knew of them have added me as a friend, and that has been reciprocated. It is more than interesting going online just to see what other people have done with their time. A whole lot of articles came through with the latest Linux magazines about building Facebook Applications, and whilst I cannot be bothered with that side of things (yet), I have found that such applications have been a genuine waste of time.

20mins turns into 3hours really quickly, just by going into all the different facets of Facebook (alliteration at its finest!). I would in fact now class it as a “Class A” waste of time, for the pure fact that you can spend so much time on it, and at the end of the day, it is all for nothing. Sure you can message people and stuff, but at the end of the day, that is just glorified email.

Yet I won’t be stopping my visits any time soon. I enjoy wasting my time on it. Other sites feel like a burden to update or to manage – especially when one has their own site in which that can be done. Facebook is different. There is no content other than what applications or messages get added. There is no site design other than the order things appear in the profile page.

So all in all, it turns out to be a productive waste of time (PWOT), successfully making you feel like you’re doing something whilst really just ticking by those seconds.

‘Till next time…

The Return

What is this?
Where is this?
And who are you!?
I don’t recognise you…

Thats right. Its been a while since I’ve added anything to this. A number of reasons. Mainly because I’ve been busy with uni, but of late, with TE4.
So – with so much to catch up on, there is little point in trying to shed some light on the subject.
All I will say is that I am in the middle of making a new website (am I ever not making a new website!!!) but as TE is taking up all of my precious free time, it looks like the release of this new site is going to be a while off.
What I can tell you is that I’m looking forward to the Test match between England and New Zealand at the Basin. Since we’ve got Sky, live sport has been great!
Also, Saturday night (not too far away) is Vicky’s friends birthday bash for her 21st of which I am accompanying my dearest to. It should be a fun night.
I’ve also been consistently on Facebook, so if you get lost and want to know what I’m up to you can also check there. But I will try to continue to update this more regularly as well.

‘Till next time…