Update // Affirmation Lite // 17//03//07

I’ve updated the Art Gallery into a new format of squares in groups of 3×3. I’ve made a few adjustments and used a fair bit of javascript in it to get the effects I wanted. I also discovered a whole lot of CSS in terms of adding in drop shadows to images by using DIV tags with background image of a transparent shadow.

Also the use of !important in CSS, so that the browser will try this first, and if not, will go onto the next line. This can be used to give certain elements priority if a conflicting element comes up. This is extremely important with PNG images which Mozilla Firefox will display correctly, but Internet Explorer will not.
I have also updated the secondary colour to be red, giving a bit more kick to the site than the “Shrek” green that I had. I also updated the background to incorporate the swirl that I had in the previous version of this site. It gives it a bit of a Victorian feel with the whole royal red thing going on too…!
Let me know what you think and Enjoy!
‘Till next time…
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