Kevin Max: The Imposter – Review

At first listening, Kevin’s Album title ‘The Imposter’ was averagely similar to his first one. I got it in a bargin bin for $10 to be honest! (It was released AGES ago…)
But it’s solid. The music comes out and there’s a bit of extra grunt behind the guitars that was somewhat lacking in the first one.
However, unlike friend and co-musician Tobymac, Kevin’s music fails to impress. There isn’t one defining song that stands out from the rest. There isn’t even any of his beloved poetry which used to break up the CD somewhat. Instead, the music fades into the background and the CD becomes a blur in those last few tracks. Toby has multiple songs on each of his CD’s that stand out: Irene, Extreme Days, Momentum, Diverse City and Made to Love all define his music.
While it is probably unfair to compare Kevin to a totally different style of music, Kevin needed this one to be big. But instead, it was more of the same.
I’d still pay $10 for it though!

★★✩✩✩ – 2 stars