The eve of the last few weeks of Term

So – who will replace Grahame Henry as All Black coach?
That ref Wayne Barnes (so that everyone should know his name!) should be serving ice-cream in Jamaica – get a decent tan, and a decent life. Something reeks of gold watches.

Anyway… Life goes on.

Next week starts the first week back of 3 out at Karori, and to be honest – I couldn’t care less. Its all the same stuff, all over again… Just filling in time before a decent holiday (one hopes!). I don’t want to hear everyone’s 6 week long story, because all of them will end up the same – some enjoyed it, some didn’t, some had good AT’s some didn’t. At the end of the day we all had different experiences – thus making life what it is…

Except for pasty white welsh referees.

‘Till next time…