Affordable Art Show

Visited the Affordable Art Show yesterday with Vicky. First impressions were not good. The layout for one was shocking. You walk in, and its this tiny little bottleneck through which did not work at all. You couldn’t appreciate those artworks on display in it because you couldn’t stand back from them, and you felt shunted as you moved through.
The openings into gallery spaces were far too small, and felt very intimidating, especially when you had an artist’s wall with the artist standing there. I didn’t want to get too close in case I got accosted by them. It was not a nice feeling.
The layout of the progression the last few years has been good and easy to follow. This year however there seemed to be more offshoots and nooks and crannies, so many in fact that I’m not sure if I got to see all that was on offer.
I am writing a piece on the short comings and possible downfalls if the Affordable Art Show is to continue along these lines on my Canvas page.

‘Till next time…