I’ve just finished installing and configuring my new Linux machine (from whence I am writing this now!). I started with SUSE10.1 but there was problems with the wireless. So I put kubuntu on (KDE version of ubuntu) and it worked off the Live CD first up! So I thought I’ve got to have this! I’ve never really liked the name Ubuntu… too many… U’s?
So I partitioned the disk and even got it so I can read/write all my Windows files. I can boot into one or the other. And now, I can even access other Windows computers on the network. It is exactly how I wanted Linux to be for me last time I tried installing it.
Now… I finally have it!
Just… please don’t break!

‘Till next time…

When technology fights back!

So I tried to install Suse 10 in a partition the other day. Getting sick with Windows thought I’d try and make the most of it…
Ended up having to restore Windows because it would no longer boot into it. Luckily I managed to save most of the data.
So the last couple of days I’ve been reinstalling programs and adjusting settings in Vista, whilst trying to get the boot-loader working for Suse.
Now – finally – I can say they are both working in harmony, and are both beginning to come back under my control!

‘Till next time…


Music by Ben Harper
“Amen Omen” from
Diamonds on the Inside.

What is it that you hear in the stillness?
Take time to listen.
Take time to listen to the silence.
The whisper.
Of God.

Edit in Place Demo script

I made a post how I made it so that I could edit the text of my site actually on the site!
Well now you can see it too!

1. Go to www.alingham.eirenz.net/admin/
2. Login with the following details:
Username: demo
Password: demopass
3. On the home page, click on the text that you want to edit (left and right column)
4. On any other page, click on the text that you want to edit (all)

‘Till next time…

Purple People Movers…

Of all the colours in the spectrum, Purple was the one they went for!?
I mean, really!
Formerly Cityline, now ValleyFlyer (which will just become confusing with the ‘Flyer’) have undergone a face-lift along with the new name, and have changed their bus colour to Purple.
One would have thought any colour would have been an improvement from their hideous lime green and navy, but I have my doubts that Purple and orange has accomplished this at all…
Make them Yellow, Make them Red, Make them Blue…even orange. WHY PURPLE!?
Positive: At least they’re not pink!

‘Till next time…

Editing the Now

I’ve spent two days on this! It is however something that only affects me, and something that many of you will probably think… “What’s he on about!?”
So I decided to update my site a little… and add an editor. But not just any editor…
This editor allows me to login, and then click on any of the text fields, edit them and save them – DIRECTLY ON THE SITE…
Much like the type of application seen on the description fields at flicker.com
It uses AJAX which is dynamic javascript. Its awesome.
I just wish I could show you all!
For an example, go here

‘Till next time…