In general…

The last few weeks have been about getting back into uni, trying to get back into the swing of things with assignments and the like.
Tonight I’m taking my Vicky out for dinner to celebrate with her passing all her courses besides the odds! I’m so proud of her!
I’ve also been thinking of new ideas for the website, and am thinking of different page layouts. This has come about due to some of the work I’ve been doing for the BB site. Don’t worry, the theme is
staying as is!
So today is Thursday, and uni runs all day. The afternoons drag out a bit, making it difficult to focus at the best of times! But at least its Art!

‘Till next time…

Back to Uni – Summer Trimester

First day of Uni yesterday, back for the Summer trimester of 2007/08.
The usual old stuff, but it is much more laid back this time. A well earned rest from the usual 20 assignments a day kinda thing that was meant to happen next, if the trend continued!
So we have Art, Dance and Technology to contend with before Christmas. After that… I don’t know. I just do what I’m told. Most of the time…

‘Till next time…

One Year

Saturday. November 17, 2007.
One year ago today I asked my Vicky out.
One year later, today, we are still happily together!
It has been a great year of discovery, about her, about me, and about us, and we look forward to the future and welcome it with open arms, whilst all the while taking it one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.
We would like to thank all those who have helped and supported us, both individually and as a couple through this first year.

‘Till next time…

Update 16//11//07 – Spill Renewed

After a little over two weeks, the Black-Cube website has been taken down.
Reason – it just wasn’t me.
But luckily I saved Spill and have put it back up – and its new and improved with the menu and gallery system discovered in Black-Cube.

‘Till next time…

Where does it all go?

And suddenly the three weeks of luxury and rest is coming to an end. Yes, next week I head back to Uni. Granted its 2 days a week, which will be splendid, but all the same… Where did it all go.
And this week will be a rush. A few things to organize and run around with, painting will get done if I have time, and I was meant to visit my class from TE this week, but I don’t think that I will even have time to go and do that either.
So, as per usual, it runs out the door without a whisper. It will be good though to be doing something again, as opposed to what I want to do…
‘Till next time…


The latest of my videos. Made it quite quickly. Possibly due to the simple nature of the slides and photography, the simplicity of the message and the open musical structure of this awesome song.
“Oh My God” by Jars of Clay
from “Good Monsters”
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Music by Switchfoot
“Let Your Love be Strong”
From “Oh Gravity!”

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Movember // Week 1

After a bit of deliberation I’m going with what seems to be the standard for Movember, the Handlebar and Chops.
This of course could change during the course of Movember!
You’ll just have to wait and see!

‘Till next time…


The latest of my videos. A quick and simple reflection video based around “Ramblings of a Begger” by Shawn McDonald.

‘Till next time…