Movember // Week 0

The beard is gone. As part of Movember this year, we are encouraging the other leaders of BB to grow one too. As I am the only one who usually has one anyway, I was always going to do it with or without them.
It would seem that this hasn’t been taken on as I would expect!
So – I am posting my own photos on here for you all to see the progress!

‘Till next time…

Update // 31//10//2007 – BlackCube

I’ve updated to the new site that I have been working on.
Its inspired by – a gallery in the UK which looks and sounds cool.
I reversed the colour for obvious reasons, being that Black is my colour, as it is for a lot of New Zealanders.
I will be continuing to develop and update the site as time progresses.
Some of the new features include:
Scrolling Navigation – this follows the screen down. Unfortunately it also follows horizontally as well which for smaller resolutions can be a bit annoying.
FSMenu – This has been taken from a site which has made this great little menu. It uses CSS and a little bit of Javascript, but works a treat. Whilst I would like to have it all contained within its width, this little menu functions as most menu’s do but with a little extra flair. So its all good!
Database – I have finally got around to what is the web standard these days and put all the content into a Database table. This moves away from my old way of doing things of having .txt files containing all the content.
Editor – With the content in the database, I had to get a new way of editing it. I’ve developed the text editor I was using last time and reformatted it to edit the database tables.
Gallery – After years of building up a descent viewing system for my art, which also grabbed information from the database etc… I’ve rebuilt it. I still used some of the same old functionality, but have incorporated Lightbox which is a cool little javascript script that pretties up the viewing experience.
Please feel free to post any comments or bugs that you notice! All feedback is most welcome!
‘Till next time…

Greg Laurie // Harvest

Attended Harvest this year with Greg Laurie.
I must admit the advertising and promotion of the event was awesome. All seemed to be very united through the churches around Wellington.
My synopsis of the event.

  • Katina’s were Rad!
  • Parachute Band have a lot to live up to…following on from that which was set up at Parachute 10 years ago and the legacy they left behind in New Zealand.
    Though it would be kinda cool to have such a band, where it just keeps on recycling through the generations, not limited to 6 people who originally set it up, but once they move onto greener pastures, it gets picked up by the next lot who want a challenge. It would be unique, and definitely something to think about!
  • Newsboys. Enough said.
  • Simon Barnett – as always, very down to earth. And he still has his media touch from his What Now days – holding that public recognition and voice. Very funny and a good relevant introduction to the night.
  • Greg Laurie – Excellent word. I didn’t really feel his pull though. It wasn’t as… convicting or as … convincing as what I would have thought. There’s no doubt he has a gift and a testimony to share though.
  • Random Announcer at the end – For some reason he was the epitome of those faceless voices which just monotone on telling you what to do … “Please keep moving towards the rear of the plane. And remember, do not panic, this is not a drill”… or “Please remember to lock your car.”… or “Lift stopping Level 1, entry to Woolworths and Starbucks”
    Listening to him was just humorous because of the tone and monotony of his voice.

All in all it was a good event. Vicky came along which was awesome, and she enjoyed it (besides a few random questions from a random I did not know at all…and a few nerves and overwealmth), and she did very well coping with the many thousands of people that were there.

However, it did seem to be overly dominated by Christians… Which whilst is expected… if they all brought a non-Christian friend then it would have been much more… powerful in the message that Greg had to give.

‘Till next time…


This video I made asking the question about church, what its all about and why we do what we do.


I made this video purely in response to the lyrics of Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done”. They really hit home to me and I added images that transferred their meanings and put it into a Christian perspective.

Long Weekends

Long Weekends never seem to be long enough…
Why is that?
Saturday was spent doing bits and pieces with assignments, adding
touches to websites and otherwise preoccupid with my computer (which
is running very nicely!). In the evening I picked up Vicky and went
over to her place.
Sunday was much the same except I saw the guys off from BB for their
tramp in the morning then headed over to Vicky for the rest of the
day. Much fun was had hanging out with her and her sister in the sun.
Vicky sorted through photos which was enlightening as it always is
seeing photos of a past life before you knew them…Sunday evening V
cooked a lovely mean and we co-constructed a huge fruit salad for
everyone. We went outside for a bit to watch the stars.
Monday… if I said ditto would you believe me?
Headed over to Vicky's after lunch to hang out for the cocktail
party… which subsequently didn't happen. So we played darts and…
played darts some more. Her parents arrived home which was an
interesting experience just seeing how that all works at her place.
We then headed out to Tim & Anita's to see their new baby girl,
Laura. It was a neat time, catching up, sharing a joke etc…
Now I'm back at uni for one more week and to be honest, I just want
it to be over. I've handed in all my assignments and there's not a
lot of point to it all anymore…I guess it'll be worth turning up
all the same.

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Out my ears

Well, 2 weeks into the last 3 weeks of term and everything seems to be crashing down.
Of all the things I’d rather be doing, I find myself tying up assignments and finishing them off. Who knows how those who didn’t do any in the 2 weeks holiday we got have managed. I know I’m feeling the pressure, and I did 2/3 of them in the holidays!
Anyway, heading out to Louise and Emma’s today to work on Science (since we did our first part together) and hopefully that will alleviate some of the build up of pressure.
Labour Weekend this weekend. BB fell over coz none of the boys wanted to do any of the activities. Pickle poor! “If it had been a camp,” they said, “we would have gone”. So in the one sense they’re keen for a camp, yet in the other it doesn’t fill us with confidence to organize anything if no one is keen for things we do organize….
Rock <------> Hard place.

‘Till next time…

The eve of the last few weeks of Term

So – who will replace Grahame Henry as All Black coach?
That ref Wayne Barnes (so that everyone should know his name!) should be serving ice-cream in Jamaica – get a decent tan, and a decent life. Something reeks of gold watches.

Anyway… Life goes on.

Next week starts the first week back of 3 out at Karori, and to be honest – I couldn’t care less. Its all the same stuff, all over again… Just filling in time before a decent holiday (one hopes!). I don’t want to hear everyone’s 6 week long story, because all of them will end up the same – some enjoyed it, some didn’t, some had good AT’s some didn’t. At the end of the day we all had different experiences – thus making life what it is…

Except for pasty white welsh referees.

‘Till next time…