Update // Spill // 29//07//07

After little over a month of my lighthouse design, I have gotten bored with it and decided to update it.
I introduce to you “Spill”!

Spill came about because I needed a white background for my sketchbook, as the pages would be white, and large white images on black isn’t very appealing. So I decided to redesign.
Inspired by a sketchbook I got through my art course, it kinda suits me as a painter to have this kind of arty layout.

I will be continuing to update it through the next few weeks.
I will also upload Lighthouse to my portfolio, because I still really like it as a design.

‘Till next time…

Life continues on…

I have assignments coming out my ears, as does everyone at Karori campus at the moment!
Which is why I haven’t updated this so much lately.
Last weekend was Vicky’s family’s Mid Winter Christmas meal. I showed my face and it was good to just hang out with her and see familiar faces from her 21st. They are all getting used to me now so its getting slightly easier to fit in.
I also spent Sunday morning with Vicky watching David Copperfield for her English paper. I worked on assignments but it was good just chilling out as I was down with a cold and not feeling like much.
And so here we are, Wednesday, with uni continuing as per usual, but getting down to the nuts and bolts of assignments. The problem is though, is that we are looking at these as assignments as apposed to anything that could actually help us on our 6 week T.E. which is fast approaching!

‘Till next time…

Changing Lanes

I’ve realised one thing that life has taught me this last week.

It doesn’t matter what lane you get in, it will be the slow one.

Rush hour bites. Rush hour bites bad. Rush hour is almost impossible when you have road rage. Maybe its the early morning. Maybe its the fact I’m heading to uni. But I think the most influential thing would be the ever present driver who hasn’t woken up yet and proceeds to drive at 80km/hr.
Now normally this wouldn’t bother me… except they’ve suddenly forgotten normal courtesy and fail to pull over to the left lane to let those of us who would prefer to get to where we have to go in the next decade room to do so.
So, thinking calm thoughts and breathing in deep usually does the trick. Its lucky I’m still half asleep myself.

‘Till next time…

Bumper Stickers

Impotence: Nature’s way of saying ‘No Hard Feelings’

Don’t be sexist…. Broads hate that

Constipated people don’t give a crap!

If you can read this, I’ve lost my trailer.

The Earth is full. Go Home.

So many pedestrians…. So little time.

Fight crime… Shoot back!

‘Till next time…

Whoops! Don’t delete important startup files!

This morning I might have made a mistake.
I accidentally deleted a startup file I might have needed. Now my laptop doesn’t boot. It gets caught in a loop. And since my laptop didn’t come with the Windows XP Setup CD, it makes it hard to fix!
So I’ve downloaded floppy images which are taking a while to get going, cos if you make a wrong move and have to quit, you have to insert them one at a time from the start all over again. There’s 6 of them!
‘Till next time…

You know when you’re back at Teacher’s College

First week back. Yesterday went alright, possibly because it was the first day and everyone was back catching up with each other.

Today, Day 2: Was just the morning for me because the Art course doesn’t start til next week. Which was lucky, because I was had it by the time lunch/home time rolled around!

But its all going well thus far and hopefully that will continue on. Mind you, I am not looking at the assignments until the weekend! (Just so I can get past the first week jitters!)
‘Till next time…

Counting down til Uni starts

One less day of holidays…
Took my paintings for the Affordable Art Show in today, so thats all underway.
3-5 August 2007 at TSB Arena, Queens Wharf, Wellington.
Then managed to get some painting done. The one I’m working on is almost finished, but its not as good as I thought it could be, so I may continue to work on it.
I also stretched one, so I might start on the next one tomorrow.
Haven’t got as much painting done these holidays as I first hoped. But yeah… things happen. Everything will work out.

‘Till next time…