Days lost in standby

Events and activities happen in one’s life, and I really should start to use this blog to record these times. It is meant to be a running record of my life and what I get up to, yet seldom I will write them in here.
The week that was the first of the holidays has gone by, yet only one remains and we’re back into it. I guess thats the price one pays for having their exams in the last week of study break…there isn’t as big a break!
Wednesday was spent with Vicky, my darling, and that almost carried onto Thursday where we went up to Tim and Anita’s for lunch and to hang out. That was a good afternoon, and then after a couple more hours of work, Vicky came over for dinner.
Friday night I went around Vicky’s place to spend yet more time with her. We talked quite a bit, which I was afraid wasn’t happening enough. It was actually quite good.
Sunday (Today) we had an art auction at church to raise funds for Matt Renata, who is going on a YWAM trip to Moscow. My piece didn’t meet the reserve price I had on it, but we will see where that leads, if anyone comes back with more

I also got a B+ for my New Zealand Art History paper which I am happily pleased with. I am still waiting on the 18th Century Art one.

So – thats life. I really should write about each week. Unfortunately I don’t always think of doing it, and I don’t always have the time to either!
‘Till next time…

Update // Lighthouse // 01//07//07

Lately I have been designing my new site. It is based on my Dark skin, and I’ve combined it with the styling for my previous site iOK.
I still have a little bit of work to do to capture that edge, the missing link, but I am relatively happy with it.
The code is a lot cleaner and hopefully should be easier to find your way around the site. I’m sure I’ll continue to make adjustments to it as time goes by.

‘Till next time…

Between the Earth and the Moon

I have just finished my latest work “Heavenly Eclipse; When the Son comes between the Earth and the Moon” (See it here)
Its a painting I started a while back, but did not finish. It was lacking something. While I was happy with how it was, I felt it needed more. I was recently asked to put forward a painting for an art auction which was to held fund a missions trip to Russia for Matt Renata from our church. After thinking about it, and praying about it, I came to the decision to put this piece forward. While I was pleased with how it finished up, because of the time spent in its unfinished state, there was less emotional attachment to it compared to other paintings I have done.
The auction is on Sunday, 1 July 2007 at Lower Hutt Baptist Church, 6 Manuka Ave, Woburn – Lower Hutt. It is after the morning service which starts at 10:30am, so I suspect auctioning will start around 11:30-12:00.
‘Till next time…

Exams – are over…

I sat my last art history exam EVER today at 9:30am. It went quite well – at least, I felt it went quite well. It probably needed to be 3 hours instead of 2 – but hey I’m not complaining!
I’ve been working on some photographs of Vicky and I with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and getting the hang of layers and different effects to make your photos look better.
Go to my Flickr page to see the results.
‘Till next time…

Flickr, Study and the eve of 7 months…

Its been a busy time of late.
I’ve been studying for exams which are next week, Monday 18th and Friday 22nd June. With the amount of reading I’ve done, I’m a bit out of it at the moment and stress is slowly rising.
I’ve spent the in-between times integrating Flickr with my own site to take care of my photo gallery and my new design page.
On Saturday Vicky and I, along with Ian, Hannah and Seth and Esther are heading out to the movies to see Shrek the Third. It should be good. I’ve only met Ian and Seth once before, Hannah is a stranger to me, but it’ll be all good I’m sure.
‘Till next time…

Exams – are here…

Vicky had her first exam today. Mixed reaction from her, but I’m sure she put her all into what she’s done. I ‘sat’ my first one today too – though it was just a trial run at home – a lotting myself 2 hours to write about the two questions.
Next week I will be spending the week studying for my New Zealand Art History paper, which should be interesting – but for the mean time I have a couple of days off where I can put it out of my mind.
‘Till next time…

Update // Dark skin – 8//06//07

I’ve put up my new skin. It is a darker skin with a kind of grungy feel. I’ve been in contact with the designer of which is the base of the new skin. I liked it that much!!!
I was going to be looking at a design that was similar in feel any way!!!
So – go on – check it out. Click on the Dark skin button or Click here.
‘Till next time…