The week that was…

Its been one of those tough weeks. The lost time and effort that was. Spending time with people became but harder. Yet it wasn’t a bad week.It was just, tough. Tough to deal with the issues. Vicky found out just how easy it is to stuff up, and just how hard it is to make […]

Update // Affirmation Lite // 17//03//07

I’ve updated the Art Gallery into a new format of squares in groups of 3×3. I’ve made a few adjustments and used a fair bit of javascript in it to get the effects I wanted. I also discovered a whole lot of CSS in terms of adding in drop shadows to images by using DIV […]

Chamber of Secrets : Telecaster

There she is! My new baby! Squire Master Series Chambered Tele. It sounds gorgeous, feels great and looks even better. It has 3 way selector on the two humbucking pickups and Volume and Tonal controls for both as well. Because it is chambered it is really light and sits well both standing and in a […]