Back to School // Uni

Its that time of year again. The little ones wander around lost, looking for class, trying to understand the very easy to understand system of room numbers!
The rest of us get to hang around and laugh, yet that laughter only lasts so long before one begins to realize the daunting task of presentations, essays and exams that one must undergo to keep afloat. Oh what the first years don’t know how good they’ve got it.
I guess its like anything like that. What I’d do to be back in 6th Form – even though at the time all I wanted to do was leave school! And then further more…what I’d do to be back at Primary school again. No essays, no pressure – just complete fun!!!
Ah well, lets hope this first week where nothing matters lasts oh so much longer!!!
‘Till next time…

Latest Artworks // Taupo & Setting Sail

I’ve just finished two paintings that I have been working on. Due to Uni and timing (or lack of), they have taken a lot longer then I had expected. I’ve also changed plans on the Taupo one several times since I started work on it.
You can see both the works in my Gallery 6.

‘Till next time…

3 months and 1 day…

Has it been that long?
Yes it certainly has. November 17 was the day I asked my beloved Vicky out.
3 months and 1 day later and we are still standing. We’ve had our rough patches. We’ve had our happy places. And we have a long way to go. But God willing, we’re happy together and will be for a long time to come!

‘Till next time…

Update // Affirmation Lite // 13//02//07

I’ve spent the last few days uploading the new look site. The structure is all still the same but I have updated the look and feel of it from the Gothic Medieval style to a more contemporary modern one. I suspect the site structure as it is will remain the same for a while, as I am quite happy with how it runs and how it looks.
Please let me know any bugs you find, as well as any suggestions/comments etc!
Contact Page

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