Updated Website // affirmation | 27//01//07

Just been updating the website, particularly my Art site where I have created direct links to my galleries from the canvas page, and also made a link back to the main site from those galleries.
I have also added in a bit of script to my image display for my artwork, disabling the right click to make it just that little bit harder to take copies of my artwork.

‘Till next time…

The desert place – depicting the artist’s life

It seems that once in a while, the passion to paint escapes me – goes on holiday for a wee bit. It also happens to be when I have the most time for it.
However, I am beginning to get back into things with Uni starting next week and planning for the year of BB begins shortly after.

It does beg to question the nature of art. Did the master’s go through similar experiences of the creative cupboards being bare or the well of inspiration being too deep for the rope that the bucket is on? I do not believe that a natural talent of any artist would ever lose that ability to create.
I do believe that there is no point in painting if your heart isn’t in it – if you don’t feel like it. But when does that come to the point where you don’t feel like it merely because you haven’t dabbled in the paint for so long? Is then the time to push through and force yourself, or is it more beneficial to wade it out…to wait for the drought of non-creativity to pass?

I’d appreciate your comments on this one!

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What is Art?

I have finally gone through and finalized the first edition of my discussion “What is Art? an un-philosophical view”. It is now avaliable via the Writing Wall. There is also the full version avaliable in PDF form. It’s some 15,000 words over a span of 23-24 pages.

I have also started work on its second part, which is looking at what the purpose of art actually is, simply titled “Art’s Purpose”. I have not yet formulated my arguement, but will merely point out a few different ideas surrounding this area which is also important in understanding what art is.

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A new beginning – continuation of the old!

Happy 2007 to all of you!
I’ve just got back from my first excursion by myself to another house! Brilliant. For most people my age, this is not a new or daring thing, being that by 23, most people have been flatting or have house sitted multiple times.
Nope – not me. It was good to get away, good to have responisbility. It was however hard, because you had to do things the way they’d been set up to be done by the people who’s house it was. but no biggie – I managed to keep sane! Home was good to get back to though… on the most part.
Anyway – have a great year and I’ll probably catch up with most of you in the near future!
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