Merry Christmas!!!

I wonder how many blog entries around the world are going to be posted today, this special day, with the one message of “Merry Christmas”?
Either which way, I’m sure they are all meant, just as mine is also!
‘Till next time…

It was the week before Christmas and all was….

Well – Uni has finished for the year. All is go to get ready for Christmas…. whatever it is that needs to get read.
I’m house sitting a freinds place next week and I’m really looking forward to it.
I’ve also been doing a lot of painting. I hope to get some photos up of some of the progress I’ve been making. I’ve been really enjoying it, even though sometimes I haven’t felt like painting. Which has been my motto in past times. If I don’t feel like painting, I wont, because its not worth putting in the effort to be bothered because the end product is never any good. But this time, I’ve had to because I haven’t painted for a while, so the desire hasn’t been there to get out and paint. Besides the fact I haven’t really had any ideas for paintings for a while. I need context!
‘Till next time…

Update // Photo Gallery // 17//12//06

Have just spent this morning updating bits and pieces of this site.
I have also been working on adding “Previous” and “Next” buttons to all my photo galleries. (Photo Gallery). This was a relatively easy task. I already had a function which put all the files from a directory into an array. Then using array_search() in PHP, and the image name from the URL, I was able to work out what number in the array the displayed file was. From there it was easy as the next file in the array is the current file +1, and the previous file in the array is current file-1. The tricky bit was getting it not to display the previous file if there is no previous file, and similarly with display the next file…
Other than that, it works a treat and I will be implementing it into all sites which require a photo gallery in the future.
‘Till next time…

The end of the year begins….

Finally finished Uni for the year. I have a week before Christmas in which I will be catching up on painting aswell as getting all the Christmas presents sorted out.
I’m also house sitting a mates place over the holidays, which will be my first time by myself in a house! Looking forward to it, but kinda freaking out at the same time. All a good learning curve though!

The rain that broke the windshield…

How come whenever you wind down for the end of the year, things start to accumulate on you.
In the two weeks after T.E. we have 8 (YES! Eight) assignments due. We’ve been studying fractions in Maths class and that 8 assignments in 14 days…8/14. Thats 4 every week. Given that 2 of those days in the week are weekends…thats an assignment due just about every day we are at school until the end of the year. Thank goodness its next week!!!
Not only this, but there’s added pressures from Boy’s Brigade end of year wrap (this Saturday) but once thats over all will be fine. I will have the rest of next week to work on the multitudes of assignments!
Adding yet more to my burning inferno of stress are friends who turn their coats on you and push all your buttons. I did manage to get this sorted out but like anything its going to take a while to re-build them. This is now pretty much the least of my worries with the recent developments in the other area’s in my life.
Till next time…

End of year wrap!

Everything winds down to the end of the year. Unfortunately that means things have to be finished off – such as uni assignments and Boy’s Brigade record cards, awards and badges!
I will be glad to have some peace and quiet – and then Christmas comes and ruins those plans.
So if you see me around, busy and running away – I hope you will understand!!!
‘Till next time…