November 17, 2006

What a week! Its been full on…and not about to get better! Next week we are all on Teaching Experience (T.E.) for two weeks! It will be the longest stint I’ve had in a school where I haven’t been a student!!!
Last Friday (17th November) was a good day. I met up with Vicky, a friend from uni to catch up. She was in the crash with me last Sunday. We went and saw “The Departed” which was alright – but probably didn’t deserve the copious amounts of TV advertisements! But what’s more, she said yes when I asked her out! We’re taking it one day at a time at the moment but its kinda cool to know you have an attachment! Your prayers for us are much appreciated!
‘Till next time…

And the learning begins…

Suddenly we’re all thrusted in to the teaching course. In a weeks time we’re then shipped out to the schools, almost without a word of warning.
Slightly scary, very over whelming, and with everything else thats happening, its getting too much!
Last Sunday I had a car crash . That was completely freaky, especially because I had a friend with me in the car.
Now with the teaching course, the continuing pressures of Boy’s Brigade, it all begins to mount up.
But life itself continues to move and one has no choice but continue to move on.
‘Till next time…

Browser Wars

One of the most common, and the most annoying problems for any web designer is configuring their site to display correctly in all browsers. And this happens to be one of the most important things for the designer to do. For what is the point of designing a site to display one thing in one browser, and something else in another.
But in essence, this could be one of the easiest fixes in the world. Instead of making designers spend hours testing for all browsers – in particular Mozilla Firefox (essentially Netscape) and Microsoft Internet Explorer, it would be better to share the technology, or at least make their browsers the same compatibility so that all sites will automatically show up in the same way.
Of course, this will never happen. Companies will always compete to get the better product, and the technology will continue to develop independently of each other and so the circle of designing and redesigning for each and every browser will continue.
One light upon the horizon is that Internet Exploer 7 seems to display sites the same way as Mozilla Firefox, so that should eventually make things a lot easeir for designers, once everyone shifts over to the new IE7.
‘Till next time…

Update // IE6.0 intergration | 01//11//06

I’ve been working on the site getting it so that it works in IE 6.0 (considering I was using Mozilla Firefox for testing)
It now looks as it should in both browsers, which any web designer will know is an amazing feat!
But it comes at a cost, especially with things such as png images having to be converted into gifs. The thing with PNG is they hold transparency, which if you’re changing the background colour of your siteis very useful as the graphic stays the same but allows the background to show through. While GIF has this capability, it leaves nasty unclean edges around the image bits which aren’t transparent and quite simply aren’t as appealing.
So I’ve “hard-wired” in the background colour for the images which means a little bit more work if the time comes to changing the colour scheme.
The war of the browsers continues!
‘Till next time…