The cusp of a breakthrough

Its that moment in time where you can see that something momentous is about to happen in someone’s life. Yet you can’t force it to happen, you can’t do anything to speed up the process, but in the end you just know it is going to happen.
I’ve seen plenty of people respond to altar calls and give their lives to Christ. But I’ve never been in a place where my best friend has gone through this process. It is a new and refreshing look on life, and is helping me to think through the things in which I believe in in order to explain certain aspects to them.
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Update // 28//10//06

Just updated the colours on the site, adding that “Shrek” green down the sides.
If you have any suggestions for other colours which might work, such as the blue I had on my last site (#0066FF), but I got a bit sick of that…. Email through some suggestions.
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Back from Camp

How’s it going?
Just got back from Labor Weekend Camp with Boy’s Brigade. It was a rather successful camp, apart from the rather wet weather. There were a few incidents and a few funny moments, and all in all a memorable experience.
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Updated Website // affirmation | 16//10//06

The Official release of my new website happened at 6:00pm today.
There are new graphics, new design and hopefully makes it a more versatile site for everyone.
You will need Flash 6.0 or higher and javascript enabled in your browser. (Recommended: Mozilla Firefox)
Please post a comment to this blog entry to tell me what you think, or let me know any mistakes/bugs that need to fixed.
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Update // affirmation v2 : 13//10//2006

Slowly adding the essentials to the new site design. I am now on holiday so the new site should develop a lot quicker. I’m having difficulty getting anything “new” onto my site. I’m thinking of
removing the blog apart from the latest couple of entries. Then I think I’ll add in a little shout-out box for people to use, where they can write a little comment and it be added to a scrolling box for other people to read. Things like that I want to use a little more in my site designs. If you have any suggestions, please email me through the contact page!

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Last week of 2006!

Its the last week of Uni at least. I have a test tomorrow and another test the day after!
Updates to my site have slowed to a steady halt as too have my artworks – as the new term with BB starts and I try to get things finished for Uni…
Hence why no changes have yet been made and this blog has become a stagnent bog!
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Lag in Life

Haven’t posted on here for a while due to everything else that is going on.
I am currently in the process of re-designing my entire site, which was going to be white, but is now going to be the inevidable black/dark grey. I’m looking at using as a model.

Futher updates will follow shortly.
‘Till next time…