Dreams be Dreams

“Let Dreams be Dreams, and all this living is so much harder than it
seems.” – Jack Johnson.
You know those really realistic dreams which happen, and you find
yourself disappointed when you wake up. Its usually because it was a
hypothetical case which you desperately desired to be true – such as
winning lotto, or it being Christmas. Or a dieing friendship being
miraculously reborn.
Studies have been done into the nature of dreams. Without being an
expert in this area it is hard to know the ins and outs, but one of
the most common theories is that dreams are merely the result of the
subconscious at work, playing out its personal wants in a world of
imagination where anything can be true.
It is then disconcerting to know that deep down in your heart – in
the subconsious that you desire such things that pop up in the
dreams. Usually they are the result of things which you have thought
about during the week. When the dream pops up, you have forgotten the
original thought, but it still remains in the Recycle Bin of your
mind. Sometimes it is the smallest thing such as “Oh, I haven’t seen
John for a while”. Other times it is an on-going struggle you thought
you just got over and were moving on, and the dream has dug it back
up from 6 feet under.
Let dreams be dreams. But there’s no reason they are any reflection
on what is in fact real life.

‘Till next time…

Affordable Art Show : Success Rate

After a long wait results of who sold work were relaesed online today. Scrolling down to my number, 994 – I found out the news I had been waiting for.
Four of my selected 5 works were sold. YAY!
I can’t remember quite how much I put on them, but rough estimate at this stage is over 3,000.
Unfortunately though… the only one I didn’t sell was the one I didn’t mind selling! All the others I wouldn’t have minded holding onto! But hey – thats the luck of the draw I guess!
‘Till next time…

Affordable Art Show : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Afforable Arts is a great idea, is well managed, well run with lots of support and contact letting people know exactly where things are at.
In the past the shows have been awesome events, with great artworks on display for all to see, and for a limited few, a hand slipping deep into their wallets. Art isn’t about selling however, it is about experiencing the art.
Yet it seems as though Affordable Art misses this point. While it is a great feeling to know you have sold a work and the Affordable Art Show assists with this procedure immensely, I don’t see that as art’s main purpose; and as soon as that does become its main purpose, the art looses its heart, its soul – its purpose as art.
Then of course there is the art itself. To get into the Afforable Art Show there is a selection process infront of a panel of judges who over see every artwork that is submitted. As with any large scale show, there are many who are rejected during this process.
In the past the quality of the art has been pretty good.
But, this year was a bit dissapointing. I don’t think the artworks had as much grunt to them. In the past I have come back from a show inspired, wanting to copy at least 5 or 6 works which I thought were worthy enough to copy! This year there were only really 2 pieces, and both of those were absractive in nature, and not my preferred style of art. This could be because I went on the last day of the show and all the good pieces had sold, but even so… I wonder how bad some of the ones which were turned away were, considering some of the pieces which made it through the selection panel!
All in all it was good, but there are still a few bads, and quite a few just downright uglies!
‘Till next time…

Mmmmm Yummy – Wax Medium

I bought myself some extra oil paints and with them some Wax Medium, which is meant to help thicken the paint while you apply it to the canvas. Turner used wax in his paintings for this exact purpose, so I figure that if it was good enough for him to use, it might just be good enough for me. But what got me is the warning notice placed all over the tube. DO NOT SWALLOW.
Although a nice, potent smell fumes from the top of the tube of wax, I could see how someone could mistake it for an edible portion of honey!
What will happen next? Shoe polish with a warning “Do not reheat in microwave”; A bottle of Hydrochloric Acid saying “Not a suitable replacement for a cold beverage”; or warnings on portaloo saying “This is not a take-away restaurant”.
And the only reasons why such warnings exist? Because it has actually happened and companies have been sued for not providing adequate warnings of potentially harmful annomollies which could incurr if you are stupid enough to try them!
‘Till next time…